Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 33! "Book of Mormon Connection"

From 8/25/14

Dear Dad and Mom,

I love you too! I appreciate all the thought and love and care that I feel from you and mom back home. I really do feel your prayers! I really do love the letters you send and hearing your testimonies of the gospel.

I'm working on my prayers, and I've been reading the Book of Mormon with more care. This week I tried working smarter and focused more on the needs of others, which, in turn has made me feel truly happy.

I feel like the Lord has taken really good care of us. There are too many details and moments that I realize He is right there and very actively involved. Yesterday 17 people we brought and invited came to church. 17!! That's a miracle to me! We still weren't the ones to give those individuals the desire to go to church, it was the Lord, but He works according to our faith. And wow, Dad, it takes a lot of diligent efforts to keep people excited and animated about the church.

President Kusch says that we should visit our investigators 5 times weekly and I believe it! People need constant contact and reminders. Unlike Hna N and me, the enemy is constantly awake and tempts, discourages, and confuses our investigators. Even yesterday morning, we literally knocked and called and woke people up to go to church. People were completely committed to come and told us so (half and hour before church started) and then didn't arrive. Arghhh... :)

The difference of how I felt this week really came from feeling connected to the Lord through reading the Book of Mormon. I haven't really paid attention to my studies of the Book of Mormon until now. I used to read a passage for our investigators to mark it, then move on. But every day after work this week, I would meditate on what I was thinking or worried about and turned it into a question. One day I had a really hard time in every single lesson to recognize the Spirit. I hardly spoke because I was feeling distracted and didn't know what to teach. So at home that night I prayed, then wrote down, "what can I do to focus on the impressions of the Spirit better throughout the day" then I read the next chapter I was on in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 11. After reading, I looked for answers and found them really clear. That strengthened my faith all week in the Savior because I realized that He listens to my needs and answers my prayers. So that's a plus right? :)

Well, I want to let you and mom know little more honestly of the scoop from the week.

It's the last Monday before transfers, and I feel mixed emotions. It's highly likely that Hna N is going to leave because she has been here for so long (about 6 months.) It kind of makes me nervous to think of staying here myself because our area is so big and I still get lost a little.  I kind of always want to be with Hermana N here. hahaha. We both feel good about whatever happens at the same time because we know that it is always inspired and we learn many things from transfers and new areas and companions. President does his absolute best to follow the promptings of the Spirit to assign changes though, so I know that everything will be okay :)

The work here is picking up again from this past week. We are promised a baptism every week if we do our part and are obedient. I saw a blessing from working diligently on Sunday when many investigators came. So I have a firm conviction that we can have an investigator baptized each week including this one.

I meet lots of members that take really good care of me and my companion here. Yesterday afternoon, we ate with one of those families. They ask if we want seconds, thirds, fourths...on everything, food or dessert. We don't go without food or help or care. The members are good to us. The bishop's son just left for the MTC last week, so I think that he is going to help more and more too.

Our home is perfect. It has a bedroom, study room, and kitchen/dressing room. It's on a quiet-ish street away from too many eyes. It's pretty secure and I am going to try to send photos next week for you to see.

This week is my first and last mission birfday :) I can't believe that I'm celebrating my 20th birthday here!! I feel old! I'll be thinking of you all. We are going to be eating with Hno and Hna F on my b-day. She is Brother de los Hoyos' sister. He is the General Authority president of the area of Mexico. They have an incredible incredible spirit in their home! I've thought a lot about them and I'm excited to see them Thursday :)

Then I saw some cool sayings that I wanted to send you this week:

To become is day by day, hour by hour, choice by choice.

Todo lo que es injusto en la vida se puede remediar por medio de la expiacion de jesucristo.

It won't be easy but it will be possible:
If the lord asked me to do all things, I could do them 1 Nephi 17:3
I love you mom  and dad. I pray for you and the family every day. Sorry if this letter isn't that great, but I am doing well...
I have to go now but thank you for everything and for being an example to me even now that we are in different countries. :) I'll write better next week!
Love you

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