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Week 26! "Family Baptism!"

From 7/7/14

Hola Family and Friends!!!

WEEK OF MIRACLES! A complete family was baptized this week! The B's are so awesome!! I wrote about them a little below!

I'm running out of time, but I will try to send some pictures. Thank you for your emails!!!!! I LOVE reading them!! They are so special to me.

1) Another joke I learned this week a la Elder N: Where does Barbie live? Quien sabe...... hahaha  [It's OK, we don't get it either...]

2) Have I ever said that in Mexico, they are obsessed with the minions from the movie Despicable Me. It's everywhere,. You cannot escape them. It's on everything, in any shape, form, model you could ever imagine. Actually, if you can imagine it, they make it here. Just a fun fact.

3) ALSO, happy Fourth of July!!! I walked around Mexico singing patriotic songs alllll day!!! I also heard some of the best music in the streets that day, coincidentally, and a few reminded me of you people :)

4) Moving on, HERMANA "N" is Amazing!!! She's so fun! I don't remember if I said this either, but she loves ice skating, loves dancing, and has a great gift with children and soccer! She loves singing and acting. She has two brothers and a younger sister. Her dad and both brothers have served missions for the Church. She loves traveling and has been to 7 countries. She also LOVES musicals. You ask her about one, she can either quote the whole thing, sing the whole thing, or give you a very detailed synopsis. She's really kind and gets along with everyone. I love her testimony of the gospel, and it's so impressive to see how hard she works on her Spanish. Anyway, this girl is awesome. I haven't written very much about her so there you go :)

5) There is a mariachi band singing their hearts out right now. Outside this cyber shop. As I am typing this. :) Viva Mexico!

ANYWAY...for the week:

"This week so wonderful! The B family was baptized this past Saturday all together! They are a testimony to me of how the gospel blesses families. In the short weeks that I've known them, the B family has progressed so much. 

They first made contact with the church through one of their daughters, 'E'. She was invited to church by her friend (a member of our ward). For a few weeks, E was the only member of her family going to church; but because of her example, the parents and sisters took interest in learning more from the missionaries.

Before meeting the missionaries, 'M' and 'R' (the parents) had no religious background whatsoever. The parents openly say that they were agnostic, but they still have shown great faith to experiment upon foreign ideas and habits, like prayer.

What impresses me is that M and R really do try to apply the principles of the gospel as they learn them. The first appointment I went into with them, M said that her family decided to read the Book of Mormon together each night. In each appointment before beginning a lesson, the family would look at each other and say "whose turn is it to say the prayer?". They are really trying to keep the commitments they have made with the Lord to pray always, study the scriptures, and do the basics the best they know how.

I am so touched by this family and their unity. The ward has really embraced them also. Through them, my testimony has strengthened, especially of the importance that each investigator has a friend in the gospel.

The B's have many member friends that have been an active part of their conversions as they've offered support, encouragement, counsel, and answered questions. Member-lessons and member-referrals really are so important. What we've realized is that in our area, each progressing investigator has a strong member friend who helps the investigator along the way. The Lord truly is hastening His work and needs members and missionaries to work together.

At the confirmation yesterday, the Spirit was so sweet and strong in each of their blessings. The Bishop asked R (the dad) to offer the closing prayer at the end of sacrament meeting, and he did so well! Like a pro! It's as if they have always been members of the church. I can't imagine how they were just a few months ago before hearing about the gospel. To see them now and their strength is amazing.

M, R, E, Ma, and Mi are now looking forward and preparing to enter the temple in a year and be sealed together forever. Since hearing of the temple, that has been their goal. They are so united as a family now, and they look forward to the blessings of being sealed eternally. So special!!!

I know that families are so essential to our Father in Heaven's plan. I am grateful for the priesthood and the sealing powers of God that have been restored on the earth through Joseph Smith. I am grateful for President Monson and his prophetic mandate to hasten the work of the Lord. I know that there are many that wander in darkness still only because they know not where to find the light. I am personally more driven to help our investigators learn alongside their complete family and to find more families to teach.

This week we met with three new families who are excited about the gospel. I hope that they too will have the desire to be sealed in the temple and work together toward that goal. I always write this, but it's true....I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY :)"

Love you all! Have a great week! Say your prayers, read the book of Mormon, serve others, help the missionaries, be happy! :)

Con Amor,

Hermana Fernelius :) <3
P.S. Also, there's a girl here that wants to date Ben...she made this known to me Saturday. Just throwing that out there. :) haha. BYE

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