Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 27! "Mostly Photos..."

From 7/14/14

Hey daddy! I don't have time to write a big letter this week. Just know that I am doing well, and that this week was good. I tried to send photos at least so you can see that everything's good. I have to go now, but I keep praying every day for every single person in our family.

I love you DADDY! :) Hope you have a good week and know that I'm thinking about you!

Love you :)


This is the "B" Family that was baptized last week :)
R, M, E, Ma, and Mi.

This was my reaction last Monday when I found out that Amy hadn't had Kylie yet. We walked past a store that had this mannequin outside that mocked me. It says sorpresa from a popular chocolate candy called sorpresa huevo. It is a hollow chocolate egg with a toy inside. I thought it was funny- BUT MAN you should see my face now. I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE PICTURES OF EVERYONE :))))) 

These are tennis shoes that are like crocs. They were PERFECT for all the water and floods that we are having for the rain, but in my size they only had neon purple. Not exactly a mission approved color...too bad. They are cool anyway. 

We went to a reptile museum and it was so fun to see all kinds of poisonous, crazy snakes, lizards, a crocodile, and even some spiders thrown in for fun. :)

My secret twin!! My companion and I were very sick on Saturday night, so this young lady came over with her brother and dad, who gave us a blessing. Their family is so awesome!! :)

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