Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 31! "P-day Fun"

From 8/11/14

HOLA Family and Friends!!

Hope you all had a great week!  This week was a bit of a blur, but super good! This will be a brief letter, but life is awesome!

1) Sooo today: Probably one of the most fun P-days I've had. Mi compañera y yo climbed a HUGE HUGE hill. The members here get mad when we say mountain, they say 'no, that's a hill'. O K A Y. So, we climbed that hill. It was SO fun! It was an hour long hike to get to a natural waterfall and spring, then it took Hermana Noob and me 40 minutes to get back.

We went with members of our ward and their mom, who is an investigator. Her baptism was actually scheduled for yesterday, but it fell through. We hope she will qualify for baptism soon.

Anyway, so many funny things happened as we hiked. We tried to be cool and take awesome pictures of our nametags in the streams and rivers. Hna Noob wanted my nametag and hers together to take a photo. Just before I passed it to her, I thought 'my nametag is going to fall into the pond' then sure enough, it did. Funniest thing ever! Hermana Noob jumped in to fish it out. Does that count as swimming? Oops. haha. And once we got to the natural bañario, she said, can you accidentally drop your nametag in now so I can swim to get it out? haha.

Our sweet investigator is named "F" and she often works out in the fields with her husband. She is a tough cookie! Sometimes she scares me a little. haha. She nobly led our hike with her machete in hand. Me and Noob were thinking, 'that's a good idea for bushwhacking'. But no, later on she said, I have this for the wild animals. o_o Then Hna N found a patch of four leaf clovers. Awesomeness. There was way too much randomness.

2) This week one year ago, I received my mission call. Time goes by way too fast.

3) Kids here have about 1 month of vacation from school. This week, they all went back to school...poor children.

4) One day after an interview with our district leader, we got into a combi. I sat there, and for some reason I had the hardest time contacting the people there. I did not have the motivation and I was in every way drained. Then I noticed that everyone on the combi was carrying something. Things that were large, awkward, heavy and it caught my attention. Then a thought came to my mind. Everyone has burdens. And the Savior invites them through us to come unto Him so that their burden may be lightened. I took a deep breath then decided to contact everyone. They listened and were actually nice. We even received a reference for missionaries to visit one person. Worth it.

5) We contacted a man on a different combi named "A". He sells hand crafted candles. We invited him to church, then on Sunday he came!! It was so neat, we gave him a Book of Mormon, and we have a return appointment to see him.

6) I'm not sure what all of you did for us last Tuesday, but whatever prayers you offered for us, do that again! Tuesday was the most perfect day. We found two families to teach and they both accepted a baptismal date. :) Yay. "E" and his wife, "V", are so great. They are truly ready for the gospel in every aspect. They want to get married (law of chastity), want to quit smoking (word of wisdom), want to get closer to God, want to go to church even though he works Sundays, want a new life and to start over (baptism), want a forever family. This was such an awesome lesson to see how much they want this. I am excited to start really teaching them.

Another family loved the gospel from the moment they heard it. We asked them how they felt about Jose smith and they said, well I believe that God is all powerful and can call a new prophet, even though he may be young. They love the Book of Mormon too. YAY.
7) Yesterday we ate with a family that is super awesome. The dad said he had a dream that he had two daughters who were both older. He told his wife, maybe we are going to have more children, maybe they are going to be twins. Then he said, after studying his patriarchal blessing and meditating on the dream, he realized that the two daughters he saw in the dream were the sister missionaries. He said I feel like you two are my daughters. HOW AWESOME. I shed a few tears. It was really something that I needed to hear.
The difficulty we are having now in our area is church attendance, and finding new investigators. Our mission is expected to have weekly baptisms because of the hastening of the work. The ONLY way this is possible is through the members too, so this is our biggest challenge currently. Sometimes a good goal just translates into pure stress for me, but if the Lord says we can do it, we can do it! FAITH. :)
Love you all. Hope you all have a good week. Thank you for the emails and for supporting me week to week. :)
Con Amor,
Hermana Fernelius

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