Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 28! "Sick companion..."

From 7/21/14

No time again. I'm really sorry. My companion was really sick this past week. We even went to the hospital Tuesday night. She really struggled this past week, and we basically stayed home since the Saturday before. Once she got on medication, she was a lot better, so we went back to work on Friday. I still don't understand what really happened. It was all a blur, but we're good now.

I'm alive. Nothing really happened this week of note, but I am grateful that you wrote to me. I'm going to print it all up to read tonight. I like the photos too.

I had my 7 month birthday on Friday. I'm almost halfway through.

Transfers are today, and I will stay here with Hermana N. A couple of fun things are going to happen with my Zone this transfer, one being that my former companion, Hermana C is being transferred here to my Zone!!!!!! I haven't seen her yet, but most likely tomorrow. I am SO EXCITED!

This past week was a struggle, but I know that things will get better. Please always remember to say your prayers and read the Book of Mormon. There is so much power in doing the two. Every day remember the Savior and the sacrament prayer on Sunday. This Sunday really try to be reverent in sacrament and listen to what the Spirit wants to tell you. Also, the general conference talks are super. So read those too.

Love you all. Till next week!

Con amor,

Hermana Fernelius

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