Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 34! "Transfers!!!"

From 9/1/14

Hola Family and Friends!!!!

Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes!! We had a super fun day. It was a little weird, but good haha. I'll explain why.

First of all, there is a new security rule where we cannot share where we are currently serving. My family can know, but others back home and in the mission can not. There have been a few situations that have happened here, so now that is the rule.

Well, I am currently writing from a new area!!!! I was transferred........and same with Noob........ WHAT WHAT WHAT :O I was completely SHOCKED when my district leaders called and said that we were BOTH LEAVING. Ahhhh.... So sad. And we couldn't tell anyone really that we were leaving yesterday.

My new companion is named Hermana "H"!!!!! :)) She is actually from the same stake as [my former companion] Hermana "P". Small world. And her last companion is Ecuadorian. I am really excited to be with her.

As always, emotions are conflicting during transfers. For one part, I obviously would love to stay in my old area with Hna Noob, but changes are good for so many people. The missionaries, members and investigators alike. I felt torn also because I felt like I stayed for so little time in my old area that I left work incomplete. Many investigators are progressing, and will be baptized soon, but neither Noob nor I will be there to see it. But Heavenly Father makes everyone a different tool to Him in order to build and strengthen His kingdom. I murmured a bit at first when I found out that I was changing... haha then I repented and pulled a Nephi. I AM GOING AND I WILL DO IT, happily. As for the coolest Noob EVER, she is training in a new area!!! I am excited for her! She says she feels inadequate to train, but I can't think of anyone better!

Our companionship really has been so fun! We laugh at the littlest things. The craziest things have happened and also so many miracles. In a way, I was content that if anyone had to leave the area, it would be the both of us and at the same time too.

There really is too much to say and not enough time. One, for my birthday, we were in divisions all day.  I stayed in the area, and Noob went to a capacitacion. I celebrated with a cake slammed into my face from the ward mission leader. Hermana C and M (sister missionaries) from my ward took good care of me. And we had a 'sleepover' at their house... OH, Hey, I broke another mission rule on my birthday. Hno B hugged me............. uhhhh........accident...couldn't control it......finally accepted it....anyway!!

Yesterday night and today consisted of scrambling and crazy packing. :)

"I am in shock a little from transfers, but I'm doing well and we had a wonderful week and day! haha :) I wanted to say thank you for the time I could serve in my previous area. I have learned so much. I LOVE that area!! I love the ward, the investigators, the missionaries. I had the most wonderful experiences there!! Hermana N and I feel very privileged to have been there.

The night that Hna N was called to train, we both couldn't sleep! haha. We both felt somewhat better because I assumed that I would stay in the area. Then our district leader advised us of transfers on Saturday night; and we couldn't sleep again! :)

I am excited for the area now too! There is a lot of work to do. There are wonderful amazing investigators there and SO much potential. We felt it every day as we worked. There are many possibilities for the area. My biggest dream would be for the area to have more priesthood holders and families so the church can construct a chapel there. I know that the missionaries there will do wonderful miracles for the Lord.

I am so excited to be here in my new area!! Hermana H is spectacular!! What a special spirit she has. With the little time we've been together today, it's easy to feel of the strength of her testimony and love of the Lord. She has a great light from her countenance and I am grateful to be with her.

This past week was tender mercy after tender mercy. One afternoon, we felt impressed to see the mother of an investigator, 'X'. X was not home, but 'E' invited us in to talk. As we spoke with her, we asked what she had thought of the Sunday before (when she went to church). Then her husband walked through the door from work. He said hello, then disappeared into another room. We have wanted to teach them all together for so long. Normally, he does not come home from work so early.

We asked E to invite her husband in to listen. He trudged in and sat down, respectful but maybe not too interested. We began to teach them together for the first time. The husband commented that elders from years before have not ever found him home. He slowly opened up, and admitted that he wanted to learn more about the church and ‘hopefully’ go to church sometime.

We tried to ask inspired questions and answer them. E bore her testimony to him of the Atonement and explained (to the best of her understanding) the role of the Savior and who He is. It was so neat to hear her bear her testimony although she is just now taking lessons too.

We invited them both to baptism. E accepted, her husband exercised his faith and accepted too. He even offered the kneeling prayer at the end of the lesson. From being reluctant to hear us, to offering the closing prayer, we saw a great miracle in them, and the power of the Spirit in a family’s progression. 

The next day, we passed by for X again. This time her brother and sister-in-law were there. We also invited them in to hear the lesson. We saw their interest pique, and they became very active in the discussion. We invited them to baptism and they also accepted. X and her mom (who is investigating the church) are working diligently so that their family members might also hear.

I love how some see the light and hold fast to it. Then they invite others to come follow it too. I love a part in Preach My Gospel that talks about the need for prophets and the Restoration. It says that in a world of changing values, the gospel is an anchor. We shared that with X's father and reminded him of the importance and influence he and his wife have for their family.

Truthfully, they impact their eternal family. Past and present, and future. His decisions and faith can place his family on firm foundations and they will withstand the whirlwinds of the adversary. Their home, centered on the Savior, will be a refuge from the world. When he meditated on this, his heart softened, and opened to hear the gospel.

I love their family. I hope they will progress. I hope that soon many investigators will be baptized like their family.

We also saw C and A this week. C is the American that we found through a reference who is also a less active member. We set an appointment to see her, and were able to get to know her a bit more. She really has had a hard life. She's been lonely for much of her life. She has little family, apart from her husband's. She is far from 'home' and doesn't plan to return because she has no one to go to or where either. 

We directly asked her if she would be open to hear the missionary discussions again. She looked away and tearfully said that she couldn't. She said she wasn't sure if God actually exists anymore. C said 'I envy your faith. I want to say that I know too, but I don't. I don't know where to find the truth, and I think I will be on this quest for all my life'.

The situation reminded me exactly of the scriptural account in the New Testament and Elder Holland's talk, 'Lord, I believe'. She said herself, in a way, 'Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief'.

I told her that the fact that she desires to know is significant. Her desire can turn to belief, belief to faith, faith to knowledge. But it starts with exactly where she's at. She has the tools she needs. The gift of the Holy Ghost, the Book of Mormon, prayer, church and teachers to guide her.

We asked if she would be willing to try again and read the Book of Mormon. She said yes. C said, 'I remember the faith of my father, who was a Baptist preacher. I find myself holding onto his faith.'

In that instant, I felt the Spirit so tangibly. I could imagine her father (who passed away) being in the room with us, helping his daughter find and recognize the truth. It was incredible.

There are so many other miracles that we've seen this week. Most of them have been that people's hearts are opening and softened. They are willing, even if that willingness is even just half a desire right now. It is something significant."

Love you family! Hope you all have a great week :)

Con Amor,

Hermana Fernelius

Zone Conference [Ashley is third from the right on the second row]

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