Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 75! "LAST EMAIL :O"


Ashley will be arriving at the Las Vegas airport on Friday, June 26th at 11:35 am via AeroMexico flight #484 from Mexico City (it will probably take about an hour to get her through Customs).

She will giving her "homecoming" talk (together with her sister, Tiffany) on July 12th at 9 am (pacific time - Vegas time) at the LDS chapel on Alta and Thrush in Las Vegas, Nevada (7800 Alta).

Anyone and everyone is invited to attend either event, or both!

From 6/15/15

Hola Family and Friends!!

Hope you each had a wonderful week! Ours was super triple great!

On Thursday we visited an investigator - she is a wonderful person and is very receptive to the gospel. She has been prepared for so many years to accept the gospel. She met elders many years ago but never was taught the gospel. She has known the family of a recent convert for years. But did not know that she had gotten baptized. We walked past her three weeks ago, and almost kept going! But we felt impressed to go back and invite her to church. She seriously is so cool! She has accepted everything from the very first moment we met her.

She started reading the Book of Mormon as soon as we gave her a copy. She shared it with her friend. She's invited us to keep teaching her. Has come to church alone and brought her friend with her yesterday! So on Thursday we had the coolest lesson with her. We taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel. And she GOT it! She asked good questions, remembered key words that we taught her. I asked my companion if I could share the First Vision. As I spoke, she attentively looked at her pamphlet with an image of Joseph Smith praying. I shared my testimony with her how I knew that this experience was real. My companion shared her testimony and we asked her how she felt. She said, "It must be true! I felt something inside of me. I felt satisfied, it feels happy and joyful!"

She told us of her personal commitment to change and obey the commandments of God. She's prayed the majority of her life to find the right path to take. She told us that she knows the church is true. Even though we have just started teaching her, she is sharing the gospel--in the most important place first! Her own home! She's the coolest.  And she is worth it. I forget everything hard that we've had to go through as missionaries whenever we find someone like her and help answer their prayers.


In three more days, I'll be with my parents and little brother! I still can't believe it. When others ask me how I feel, the truth is that I feel fine--mostly because I'm still in denial. haha. This morning my companion and I went to get groceries at the 'comercial' (or our nearest version of Walmart) and my companion came out of the store with (the normal standard bare minimum) four bags of groceries and I left (more like HALF of one).....this is so real now!!

This will be my last email home as a missionary and the truth is that I am at a loss for words to say and share. There can't really be a perfect way to explain all that I feel right now, about all the past, or of what lies ahead. I hope that I can always live in a way to express what I've felt and how I feel, what I've learned from my Heavenly Father. What I've learned from my leaders, companions, members, investigators, and even strangers, and the testimony that I have of the gospel.

The gospel is the most important thing in all the world to me. It is my pearl of great price. I love the Savior with all my heart. The Atonement gives us the hope of becoming like our Heavenly Father. It gives us the strength to endure to the end of our lives in faithfulness. He forgives our mistakes. He is merciful to our weaknesses. He makes up for all that we cannot. He understands us perfectly. I love serving Him. I love sharing what has brought me and my family the most happiness I have ever experienced in my life with my brothers and sisters.

Families can be together forever! That is the great purpose of the Gospel! I LOVE MEXICO. The people whom I have grown to love and serve are valiant spirits of our Heavenly Father. I know that they are called to strengthen this stake of Zion in preparation for the Second Coming of the Savior. I am so grateful for the love and support you have given to my sister and me while we have been serving. And for serving our family at home! Many days we've felt your prayers and concern and they have helped us to keep going! And now we're at the end, when we can say that we'll see you all in about a week or two :)


Love you all!! See you SOON!

Con Mucho Amor,

Hermana Ashley Fernelius

This is a photo emailed to Ashley's parents from another parent who accompanied his missionary home.  These are his kind words: "...our family visited Mexico last week and we ran into your beautiful daughter. She's doing well, working hard and happy to be almost done".

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