Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 74! "Choose Faith"

From 6/8/15

HOLA Family and Friends!!!
Wow. Seems like all the fun stories that have gone on this week will have to wait until I can tell them in person. D:
This week was super awesome, starting with a similar experience that Tiffany had last week:
Yesterday at church, a beautiful returned missionary from our mission and her family came to visit and see the converts that she helped to teach and all the members she knew. She has helped me since I first got to the mission and has definitely always been one of my favorite people. She was companions with another one of my favorite people, Noob! Her parents and siblings were all super duper nice. My comp and I took them to go visit a convert family of hers up on a hillside. So we all went together in a drive up a muddy mountain. They seriously treated us like we were their own daughters. So...They're awesome. I was only trunky for like 5 minutes okay? haha
Sister C came to church! We met her in the street two weeks ago and gave her a Book of Mormon. This past week we went by again to visit her and she is already in 1 Nephi 13! She says the she feels at peace every time she reads it and that she feels that the church is true! She is so super cool and even though church was weird this week (with special trainings and stuff like that) she still loved it!
I read something that really impacted me this week by Elder Anderson. In a talk he said, "Faith is not only a feeling it is a decision."
We've seen miracles when members and investigators (and us too) choose to have faith. We can passively wait for prayers to be answered, sure. OR. We can kneel and pray as if everything depended on God, and then get on our feet and go to work as if everything depended on us. Then miracles happen!
I love being a missionary and being able to testify of Jesus Christ. There literally is nothing better in all this world than to share my testimony that I know He died for us, but that He lives again!
I love you all and hope you have a very good week!  We are trying to do the best we can! I will write ya'll better next week and try to include some pictures also.
Con Amor,
Hermana Fernelius

Information soon to be obsolete, with the possible exception of her blog...

At the MTC in December, 2013.

Ashley's first area, shortly after arriving in Mexico in January, 2014.

Some traditional local attire - March, 2014.

Cleaning the font in March, 2014.

A fun take on a popular soft drink for the locals in Ashley's mission...

May, 2014

Proselyting....or Playing?

June, 2014


June, 2014

Apparently, this transfer was a sad one - June, 2014.

A beautiful girl in a beautiful country - June, 2014.

Ashley wanted a pair of shoes like this soooooo bad....but it just didn't fit the missionary mold - July, 2014.

July, 2014

The story of the machete trip is a good one - look it up in the archives and enjoy reading it again! From August 18, 2014.

More traditional attire - August, 2014.

I'm telling you, read the story again from August 18, 2014!

This was another interesting read from September 15, 2014.

Now she's playing Tetris without the prompts! From September, 2014.

A fitting October sighting!

The last four letters of "Cuernavaca" mean "cow" in English. If you didn't know that, this address label might not mean anything to you....

October, 2014

Halloween may be hot in Mexico, but it's still fun!

I'm guessing this was a particularly stressful day! From November, 2014.

Who needs a real tree? December, 2014.

As far as I know, this is the most recent photo of Ashley, taken on or around the 1st of June, 2015. It's fitting that it includes her mission president and his wife, who will both be leaving the mission at about the same time as Ashley...

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