Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 36! "Nine months in Mexico!"

From 9/15/14

Hola Family and Friends!!

Hope you all had a wonderful week! Today and tomorrow is Mexican Independence Day! ¡Viva Mexico! We are charged to enter the house early today for safety, so we will be watching church movies all night long :)

...this letter will be short, but it was a good and long week. I hit the halfway mark this Thursday. 9 months down, 9 months left. Where did the time go? Tiffy is just about there too! We'll be home before you miss us. Just writing this, I am thinking and feeling lots of things. One side is, WOW the mission is really hard! And the more important side, WOW it is so worth it! I am grateful for each little moment the Lord has permitted me to have on the mission thus far and I am so excited for the months ahead to serve :)

It rained so so hard one day that it hailed. Lucky for us, we happened to run into a less active member who invited us into her home just before the rain started. Blessings.

Hermana H is teaching me sign language and Spanish every day. I am trying to teach her English too. It's fun to hear her converse in English because she knows a lot more than she says she does. Every once in a while during our conversations she throws in English. It's awesome! One night she randomly straight-faced said, "My dog is dead." I almost died laughing.

She has a lot of quotable phrases "Ay, me duele las pestañas!" ["Ay, my eyelashes hurt!"].  Some people (just kidding LOTS of people) complain to us of their sicknesses and new diseases they find. Some days I feel more like a doctor than a missionary. I don't know why that was the trend this week, but wow, "my eyelashes hurt." Or with my own disease of being bitten by mosquitos she says, "Hermana, si le pica un mosco, pícale usted también!" ["If a mosquito bites you, then bite it back!"].  She's great!

"Yesterday after passing our weekly data, Elder C encouraged us to focus on exact obedience with the standards of our mission. One example is with the equation of 10+2+2+5+M+S, and another through how we teach at lunch appointments. So we put it into action and did the best we could yesterday to be obedient.

After lunch, we went into the living room of Hermana B and shared a lesson on the Book of Mormon. We asked her for references but did not receive one. We asked her to pray to think of someone she knew and invited her to offer the kneeling prayer. As she prayed, a name came to my mind of 'A' [this is an abbreviation, but the name was not a common one by any standards]. There was nothing more than the name, 'A'.

As we left her home, I asked her who 'A' is. She asked me, why? Where did you hear that name or what is her address? The truth is that I didn’t know. Hna B told us, 'Well, there is a person down the street with that name.'

I was surprised! Right after we went down the street to the house and Hna H told me that she had been to that house before. She had contacted the grandson with her old companion. We asked the grandson for his grandma who was unavailable just then. We set up a return appointment and left feeling happy!

The Lord helped us to receive a reference when our desires and our efforts were in the right place. The Lord reconfirmed to me that if we ask, we can receive. And that if we are obedient, we can qualify for miracles and answered prayers. I know that I have a lot to work on personally, but I also know that the Lord will be right there to help!"

...hope you all have a great week! Love each of you and pray for you always.

Con amor,

Hermana Fernelius

My companion just popping in to say, Happy Mexican Independence Day! :)

We live here on the second floor. 

Today at the store. (Do not) share a coke with Fer. My branch president calls me Hermana Ferne. (Fur-neh) The members here are having a real hard time with my name, so I decided to go with Hermana Fer. Sounds good to me :)

Two weeks ago, after getting my face smushed in cake. My companion was in Cuernavaca for training that day, but here is A, Aa, Bro & Sis B, Hno M, and Hna's M and C :)

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