Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 64! "Transfers [for the Last Time?!]"

From 3/30/15

Hola Family and Friends!!

Guess where I'm at and who I'm with? Transfers today, I'm with my new companion Hermana Q!!!!

Hermana Q is so super great!!! She is 20 also and she is one of six siblings. As we left the offices this morning and I listened to her testimony, it is so sincere and powerful. We contacted a taxi driver who was visibly touched by her testimony also. It was super cool.

I'm excited to be in this new area. It's HOT. Our house is brand spanking new and we have moving stuff everywhere. The Zone leaders just found this house for our area like 2 days ago. From what I've heard, I'm really excited to be here with all the work there is to do! It's going to be a lot of fun!! I'm excited for the adventures ahead.

So that's what's been going on around here.

This past week we had very special experiences also. I hardly said goodbye to anyone, but one person I did see was Ao. After the lesson we had, I mentioned that we'll come back to see him soon. He said, when your parents come by will you point to me and say "El es mi obra"? hahaha. Or in other words, look at my masterpiece. hahaha. I told him NO WAY JOSE. Then he said it's okay, you can tell them that I live under the bridge. ......what??? Not one of us understood the vague reference. Then he said that when he lived in the United States, a lot of foreigners lived under a freeway bridge in the streets. haha I'm still a little confused by that reference but it's okay. :) Ao is a homeless man as far as my parents know.

Hope that was as confusing to you as it is to me.

Hermana C and I went to go teach a family investigating the church this week. The last time we went to teach them, they didn't let us inside. This past week, however, it was raining. (Can I get a glory hallelujah?). We were able to get inside to teach them in their home.

It was perfect, we were able to say a prayer and it invited the spirit so strongly in their home. As we talked, S (the dad of the family) opened up to us and told us his desires to be a good father for his little family. His wife (legally married...WOO), M also expressed how she wants to do what's right for her children. S became very sentimental as he told us about some of the struggles he's been having with bad habits--and how greatly he wants to change. He told us that the day we contacted him in the street with his son, he felt something as we talked with him:

"That day that I met you two, I felt the true love and concern you had for me. I felt something different as we spoke. I know that there is something in this that can help me. I've looked in other places and have not found it. I think that this is what I've been looking for."

**Cue missionary tears of joy**

It was so awesome. He gets it. He sees a vision of how their family can become. He and his wife committed to come to church--as far as his work schedule allows it. He sometimes is called to work on Sundays which worried us about this past Sunday. We prayed for him to have the day off. We decided to go by on Saturday with a  member to confirm our plans. As he opened the door he told us, I'm going to be able to go! The whole family. I'm bringing my kids too. Yesterday, we went to pick them up and it was so cool to see a beautiful little family all together and dressed and ready to go. It was super special and a highlight of the week.

In other news, G (the English speaking member) is doing great!! We have really challenged him with the commitments we've left him, but he's stopped smoking marijuana for 7 and half days now. :) It was a strong addiction before. But he put his mind to it and has taken it one day at a time. Every time was see him we ask how many days? and he says 4 and a half or 6 and a half. he is pretty attentive of the duration of his success. :) Anyway, he's doing awesome. He says he feels free. He has never been able to abandon smoking before, but he's finally doing it!! :) We took his old bong and destroyed it on a cement wall...well Hermana C did, and it was great :) He's the best!

Also the women's general conference broadcast was super awesome. We watched it in the Stake Center in English with my comp, Hermanas M, C, M2, P and H.

Watching the broadcast really strengthened my testimony of the need for living prophets and apostles. It was powerful to hear the testimonies of women who are called of God to teach the doctrine of Christ. Something that I loved from Pres. Eyring's remarks was the story he told of a mother who had lost her son in an accident. JOY always follows sorrow. The things that have happened today to Hermana Q and other missionaries has been a testimony to me that the joy will come. I know that it is exactly what the gospel of Jesus Christ promises. A comfort and reassurance that the promises of God will all be fulfilled. In the Lord's way and timing, yes, but He keeps His promises.

I read a talk this morning that is called Beautiful Mornings from Elder Porter of the Seventy. He says, "Trials may come, and we may not understand everything that happens to us or around us. But if we humbly, quietly trust in the Lord, He will give us strength and guidance in every challenge we face. When our only desire is to please Him, we will be blessed with a deep inner peace."

Hope you all have a great week and enjoy General Conference!!

Con Amor,

Hermana Fernelius

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