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Week 13 in Mexico! "Macho Man"

From Monday, April 7, 2014

Hola Family and Friends! :) :)

I hope you feel better dad! I know how hard it is for you when you get sick too. We'll pray that you can get better this week. Thank you for the letters you send every week. My companions laugh whenever I open mom's email because I'm still trying to get a flow of reading Spanish but it takes me a minute to read them. haha. I'm getting there!
On Friday we went out with our ward mission leader "B", and he was telling us about some things he's worried about. I told him about Matthew and some cool counsel he's given me before and that really helped B. It was awesome.

I really love you all. There are things that happen daily where I am reminded of each of you and experiences that we've had together that help strengthen others in our area. I am so grateful to be a part of this family and grateful for the principles that you've taught me and the love you've shown to me--especially when I've been difficult because that's when I needed it the most.
This week was really amazing and I know that it was because of the prayers of each of you that Heavenly Father allowed us to have such special experiences this week. I wrote a couple to President Kusch this week that I wanted to share.

The third experience was basically like the movie 'the Best Two Years'. I don't know if you remember that movie but, an elder that went to Holland contacted a guy on the street in broken Dutch, but it turned out that Kyle was American. The first guy he contacted in Holland, spoke English. They taught him in English and later he was baptized. Okay. THAT HAPPENED TO US: WHAT. We taught a man in Mexico the gospel in pure English and it was literally so so cool. That is below. haha. 

"Another great week!! This past Saturday after conference, Investigator 'D' and two of her children were baptized! Her children, 'J' and 'A' were beaming that afternoon because they were so excited. D was especially happy. It's taken her some time to prepare for her baptism but her enthusiasm for her baptism had only grown with each passing week.

I love seeing the change that takes place in people's lives when they accept Christ as their Savior. D has told us that before she met the missionaries, she was a very different mother than she is now. She says now she feels like she is so much more patient. She tries to listen and help instead of shout when she gets frustrated with her children. I can see that change in her too. She has the gospel now and the tools to help her raise her family in faith and love.

During her baptism, I had a feeling of anticipation for her. It's hard to describe but maybe it's that there is so much potential in her and her family. I felt like there are so many blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for them, and He was rejoicing that she made sacred covenants with Him, so He in turn can bless her with strength and gifts from on high. It was a really special moment!

Hermana C and I have just had the coolest experiences this week. After district meeting on Monday, we found a less active woman ('M') and her children as we contacted on the way home. She was in a big rush, but took the pamphlet and started walking away from us. Then her daughter said, I know who you two are! Then her mom stopped and gave us a chance to talk to her.

I have never met her before. But she said that she was baptized about three years ago and hasn't gone to church since. She told us of many many trials she's had in her life since then and the reasons she stopped going. She began to cry as she said, "I pray but no one hears or answers me. I just don't think there is a God anymore." I felt so much love for her in that moment and I felt the Spirit so strongly.

When she said that God doesn't exist, I thought of the scripture of when Aaron taught King Lamoni's father and said 'Assuredly as thou livest, O king, there is a God.' And that's what I told her. Just as sure as she lives, God lives also. He loves her infinitely. He really does listen and answer prayers.

We told her that even though we were complete strangers, it wasn't a coincidence that we ran into her that night. We told her that God led us to her that very moment to testify that He lives and loves her. She never walks alone. We hugged her and spoke like we were friends.  Hermana C then gave her a Book of Mormon. M cried and said that when her family split up, they took away almost everything she owned, even the Book of Mormon.

That was one of the greatest experiences I have yet had on my mission. It really touched me how much Heavenly Father knows each of us, what we need, and when we need it. 

The last experience we had was teaching another less active named 'J'. We found him contacting in the street one day. He was born in Mexico but lived in Chicago for most of his life so he was much more comfortable speaking in English. And I'm okay with that. haha.

We went with our ward mission leader to visit J in his home on Friday. He was baptized in about 2002 and that was also the last time he went to church. J feels a great desire to strengthen his relationship with God. Recently, he even read the Bible from beginning to end 4 times.

The lesson was so special. Hermana C and I began teaching in Spanish but he asked if we could in English. What. So great! We invited him to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and invited him to come to General Conference. He is so excited to reactivate and come to church.
That was another testimony to me this week that in the instant that we reach out to our Heavenly Father, He reaches back to us. He prepares the way for us to have happiness in life and return to Him.

This week was absolutely one of the most special of my mission. I am so grateful that the Lord allows an imperfect 19 year old to be an instrument in His hands to do His work. I am grateful for the Savior's Atonement and for His love for each of us. I know He lives!"

This week was AMAZING. I'm sorry for such a long letter but I wanted to share that with you all. These miracles happen because of the faith and prayers of our family at home as well as here in the mission field. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Before I forget, here are some funny things that happen to us:
1) Our neighbor is amazing. Unbeknownst to him, he serenades us in the morning as we study. The other day it was Macho Man. Then it was YMCA. He belted out that song like his very life depended on it. It was breathtakingly out of tune. Bless his heart. But we still loved it.
2) Yesterday we saw another man breakdancing in solitude. He thought he was alone I guess. It was really funny. We wanted to shake his hand, but didn't :(
3) I just remembered that I had a dream this week that I went to the area, Burgos, and then Guerrero on the coast in Acapulco. I am writing this so you can be witnesses in the future to see what happens and what my future areas will be!
4) Wasn't General Conference the best? I learned so much from it and all kind of things that I need to improve and change and repent of too. I am so grateful that we have living prophets and apostles. They are truly men and women called of God to teach us His will. It was just like the Savior Himself was instructing us. How cool is that?

I guess that's all for this week. Just know that I love you. I am grateful for each of you. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for dear friends and for their support. I am so grateful for our ward and stake back home and for so many friends that feel like family. I hope each of you have a wonderful week and that you can keep pressing forward and go on in the faith. :) 

Con Mucho Amor, <3
Hermana Fernelius 
P.S. I met an elder in our mission whose last name is Cienfuegos. That's right. Elder "One Hundred Fires". What a great last name. :) I love you!!
Baptism with "D" :)

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