Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Called to Serve"

[This blog entry was made by Ashley's older sister, Amy]:

The day finally came to take Ashley to the Provo MTC.  Matthew, Benjamin, Jamison and Emma were not able to go because they had work and school, and it was too quick of a trip for Emma to go.  The rest of the family (Dad, Mom, Amy and Tiffany) went with Ashley on Tuesday, Dec. 17th to stay the night with mom's sister, Jenny and  her husband Steve, stopping at Grandma and Grandpa Austad's house first for a quick visit.  We got to Lehi around midnight, so we went to sleep almost right away.

The next day was all about relaxing and cuddling Ashley before taking her to report at 1 pm.  We stopped by the Provo temple first to give hugs, take a few pictures, and say our goodbyes before the drop off.  It was, again, very bittersweet.  Ashley was SO excited to get to the MTC that after we took a couple of pictures she ran to the car, ready as ever to get started.

The drop off and watching her leave wasn't even that hard.  We were all so happy for her.  She was just so ready to go.  It was hard to cry, when there was just so much excitement in the air.  She is such a sweet person.  She is ready and enthusiastic to share the gospel, and to share her love with the people of Cuernavaca.

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