Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 67! "Spanglish"

From 4/20/15

Hola Family and Friends!

This was literally the fastest week of my life. I cannot believe that it is already Monday! We're all good, we're healthy, it's hot here. The fun times go on:

We got onto a combi with the Elders in our ward after our food cita [appointment] to go into our areas to go to work, when a VERY drunk semi-bilingual man got on the combi too. He sat next to my companion and pointed at the Elders and spoke to them in Spanglish the whole time. haha. They were in trouble for talking in Spanish and they were also in trouble for talking in English. This man could not be pleased. So he looked at one of the Elders and shouted in English: "ARE YOU A WOMAN OR A STUPID MAN?!"

It was beautiful.

My comp and I laughed until we cried. As the Elders got off the combi at their stop, the man tugged on the same Elder's tie a little then let him get off. Later he pointed to a young woman on the combi to get her attention and then to my companion, and said -- "She's from immigration...... DO YOU HAVE YOUR PAPERS?!!"

He tried to talk to me too. I ignored him. He says that I FOR SURE am half Cuban and half French. That's a new one. When Hermana Q couldn't handle sitting next to his sweatiness any longer, we hopped off that combi onto the highway and got onto a different one into town. Fun times.

In other news, this week really was great! We were able to see many blessings. One of these blessings was seeing an investigator in church yesterday for her first time:

We've been teaching her whole family for a couple of weeks. In our appointment this past Saturday she expressed her excitement to come to church and also told us that one of her daughters decided that she wanted to be baptized too. There were several other investigators who were supposed to come to church, but Sunday morning as we passed by for them, just about all of them canceled with us. :(

We walked into church alone. We arrived and decided to pray to feel comforted about our efforts to get people there and also our desire that more would still come. After we prayed we stepped into the foyer and immediately saw Sister M!

Sister M is the mom of this family we've been teaching. She was all dressed up and she looked nervous. Kind of like the first day of school. She sat with us and soaked up every minute of the meetings and classes. It was like the lessons were planned just for her.

Later, after church, we went to her house for a teaching appointment and taught her family about the Restoration. It was so cool!! Everyone in the family was there. The Spirit was really strong when we shared the first vision.

We came with young members of the church, named Sister V and Brother O. They are siblings. One is 19 and the other is 16. Brother O had never gone to an appointment with missionaries before and he was really nervous. We asked him to teach part of the lesson and to share his testimony. They both did a great job.

Afterward, as we walked home, he said that he loved going. He wasn't really sure about missionary work before, then when he went with us, he felt much more excited about going out with the missionaries. I think he literally said, "I'M SO STOKED to be a missionary...."

Yup something like that :) I especially love seeing youth grow in their faith and testimony. It's probably one of my most favorite aspects of missionary work. I love working with the youth and hearing their growth and progression. One of the young men that we visited often in my first area already has about 5 months on his mission. It's just so cool!!

I hope you all have a great week. Lots of love!

Con Amor,

Hermana Fernelius


BAPTISM!!  Brother F, his wife Sister C, and his son.

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