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Week 54! "Locked Out"

From 1/19/15


What a great week we had!!!! So many fun things went down! How was your week?!!

Well, it wasn't too great for a guy we passed by on the street last Sunday. Normally, Hna C and I try not to pay attention to guys on the street that try talking to us in English because it goes something like this (100% directed to my companion):

''I LOVE YOO'' or ''Hey baby!!'' or other things like that.

In my subconscious, I ignored someone speaking in English because...it was better that way. He tried REAL hard to talk to us in English. He said, 'Hi. Hi! HI! HI!!'' But we kept walking.  Then he got out of his car, slammed his car door shut and had a personal conversation in a frustrated tone. 'Hi, how are you? Fine, thanks how are you?'. And we went on our way.
He was sad that we ignored him.
Then I was even more sad that he was not being creepy, but rather, that he actually wanted to practice his English and be nice to us.
Moving on...
On Monday afternoon, my comp and I went strolling through a neighborhood market and spent some time there enjoying ourselves. Men and women had different stands open of fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, spices, beans, corn, coconuts, and all kinds of food. Others were selling pets.--like gold fish. Or other movies, music, clothes, and everything you could need to furnish your home. It's actually like a really big community garage sale, and you can find treasures in these markets which are called 'Tianguis'.
As we walked, we ran into a woman that we used to teach, named R. She seemed happy to see us. We talked for a bit in the street with her little daughter. She looked at us and told us out of the blue, "I am reading the Book of Mormon you know. I haven't finished it, but I'm about halfway through."
She wanted to go to church but she felt nervous about going alone. She asked us if we would be willing to stop by and visit her to help her learn more about the gospel. We worked out a time and plan to teach her, said our goodbyes and then she continued on her way.
I'm not as selfless as a servant of the Lord should be. I had not thought about her in a long time. She was searching for the Lord, all during the time we had not been able to visit her. The Lord really loves this woman. He is not concerned about statistics. He's willing to leave the 99 sheep in order to look for the lost one. He is ever watchful and working to help each one of us an wanderers.
I love the idea of the one. I believe that the Lord would still be willing to sacrifice His life even if it was only for one. Even if it was only for me, or only for R, I know that He would give His life over again, so that we could have the hope of being clean and free from sin. I am grateful for that love. I am grateful for the service of others to us!
There is a ridiculously sweet sister (there are many) in our branch who is always willing to serve. You tell her you need help, she'll ask, where do I meet you. And then, what more can I give? We behave the best we can when we're with her, so that she can help us be on good terms on the other side. ;) Hermana J is ever willing and lives up to her covenants in the noblest way she knows how. She is one who serve US. As much as we try to serve her, we realize that, whether by a hug, an apple she gives us to eat on our way, or by sharing her testimony, we leave desirous to be better because of her. We feel the love of our Savior through her.
We can be the Lord's hands. We can reach out to others in need without being expected to do so, and with much deeper satisfaction internally than a simple checkmark on a metaphoric list of things to do. Callings in the church, home or visiting teaching, responsibilities in the home and so much more. I want to be more like J. Service is a part of her character. ''She is love personified." like Elder Christofferson says.
I felt really humbled today as my companion and I were the recipients of service again:
SO...funny story but, each morning we have our personal studies and companionship and language study. Afterward on preparation day, we try to get some cleaning done and especially laundry washed. After hearing the buzz on the washer, I went downstairs to take the wet clothes out to hang dry. My companion came quick behind so we could get it done quickly and out of the way. The other sisters had already gone downtown and we still needed to write, go to the store and do several other things, and were anxious to finish.
We hurried back upstairs with our arms full of wet clothes, when I see a sunken look on my comp's face. The door had swung shut when we came downstairs....and it got LOCKED. Can you imagine our horror because it was seriously the WORST FEELING EVER. We were locked out of our house without our phone, keys, purse, NADA. The Good news was that we were dressed and ready for the day, because it would have been pretty bad if we were outside all afternoon looking like death. But worse things have happened. Like getting locked out.
Well, apparently it isn't customary for the house owners to have the original/spare key to apartments they rent out. They give the original and basically only copy to the owners. Psh, as if they trust us or something right? ;)
Well. Panic was setting in and I was getting ready to cry. haha. So we decided to think clearly and set the clothes down, and ran around to each neighbor we knew that could possibly have a ladder to climb in through the kitchen window on the second floor. WOO. We prayed in our heart and went house to house. On the way we ran into a ward member, and a few friendly neighbors who knew us and were serious in trying to help us get back in.
We walked down the street and chased after an electrician that happened to park super close by our house to fix a fallen cable. (THANK YOU). He was totally working and didn't seem too excited too help, but then we ran into neighbors who offered to help and then two of our investigators who were super chill asked how they could help. They had been eating goat tacos (haha) and invited us over to relax and eat while we waited. I think they saw the panic on our faces. We actually had not eaten either. They didn't know that, but they fed us a few tacos until we were stuffed and so grateful.
We waited for the ladder guy, and told our buds that they didn't have to wait but they were willing to wait and make sure we could get inside. I WAS WILLING TO PAY COLD HARD PESOS FOR THIS ELECTRICIAN TO LET US USE HIS LADDER. Then this guy turned out to be super amable [friendly] and drove right up to our house. Whew. He quickly set up his ladder and one of the neighborhood guys volunteered to climb into the window and unlock the door. VICTORY!!!!!!!!!
It was the craziest rush of (only) an hour that passed us. Just as quickly as all the help came, they left. They didn't ask for a single peso for all their help.
We felt so humbled to be the recipients of so much concern and quick help. People were so willing, and they didn't even think twice about offering their services. Within a whirlwind of a few moments, frustration became peace. It was like nothing had ever happened. We had an intact door, full bellies and enough time to finish the rest of our preparation. It was the best p-day ever! haha.
Today, I'm more about GIVING. Be the gift for someone else! Be an answer to someone's prayer like all these people have been to us. :)
We had a great week! I have to go now. But I hope you all feel the love that Heavenly Father really has for us. I love all of you! Take care!
Con Amor,
Hermana Fernelius

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