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Week 45! "An Awesome Future Missionary?"

From 11/17/14

Hola Family and Friends!!!

HOW ARE YOU ALL!!!!!! It sounds like you all had a great week which is wonderful to hear. I can't believe it's getting cold there. Fall and Winter in Las Vegas will forever be my favorite weather. :) I forget what seasons are like. D:

Guess where I am currently at? ....with almost all of my favorite people. You know, Hermana C, Hermana N, and her companion Hermana H!! Isn't that awesome?! We had the most fun today doing nothing, as usual. But when you are with people that just get it, it's always a great time.
We've had a wonderful week! I am learning to retrain my thought process, so I am trying to only see the positive. Holding on to negative thoughts that don't help you progress ARE USELESS: Don't hold on to those, people. Let the frustrating, uncontrollable circumstances go. Let those go super far away :) My companion and the sisters that are living in our house are helping me do that.
They are awesome! The mission is awesome. :)
Hna C and I are working hard on several investigators to help them to progress. THEY ARE SO GREAT!!!!
We went with J to the Centro de Autosuficiencia ["center of self-reliance"] on Friday. We got on a bus in the afternoon and met a lady in the stake center who really excited him about finishing high school and preparing to work. He is also excited about the idea of serving a mission. Then on Saturday we met him at the stake center again for stake conference. He showed up in his brand new purple collared shirt that he bought for church. :) The theme of the conference was? Self reliance.
He really loved it, partly because he understood a little bit about the theme, and also because a speaker gave a talk with Nephi references. So J totally understood and picked up on those references. He loved hearing from President Kusch too.
He came again on Sunday on his own and really liked the messages from the special broadcasted conference by Elder Neal A Anderson and other general authorities. It was a conference only for Cuernavaca, Mexico City and Pechuca. It was about several themes. One of the quotes by him:
"Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better."
We arrived to church with L and her husband R (refer to old emails about them). They really really enjoyed it. We brought a little bit of chocolate to keep happy, and a coloring book for their little son. :)
As we finished the meeting, we saw Ml at church too! Ml is an awesome investigator who is taking lessons with his mom [Mm]. He arrived a little bit late, but came on his own. And enjoyed and comprehended what he listened to. HUGE fan of that kid.
Later we went by his house to visit him and to teach the Plan of Salvation. He said he shared the gospel with a few of his coworkers and is really loving what he is learning from the Book of Mormon. He is also in second Nephi!!!!! WHAT. It feels like we just started teaching him. While we were talking, I had a strange thought come to my head: "I wonder if Ml thinks we're weird as missionaries. We kind of just show up at his house to teach him, see him at church and then just disappear. I bet he's curious about that".
Then we ended with a prayer, and he asked about conference. "What does it mean to be a 24 hour missionary. Is that what you two are? I just have a lot of questions about what you do as missionaries."
We asked him, "Have you been thinking about serving a mission?"
"Well, I have actually. I would like to be a missionary"
AHHHH... My companion and I couldn't help but beam. It was so great to hear!!!!
We also have been teaching an older investigator named E. She is also reading the Book of Mormon. She read the introduction this week and is beginning chapter one of Nephi. She told us, I'm trying to go through it carefully to understand it all. She explained to us perfectly all the things she read about, then she offered a beautiful prayer to end the lesson.
My companion told me something that I think is a critical lesson from these wonderful people. She said, "These examples just show that it doesn't matter how fast or slow you read the Book of Mormon. It changes long as you are diligent you continue to progress."
The Book of Mormon is essential to enduring conversion. It is really important to be diligent. The amount or depth of our understanding or conversion isn't the question, it is the integrity we have to the truths that we do know. That is the key.
It has been a really great week. I am learning a lot from the people that surround me - my companion is THE BEST!!!!! Hna Guevara and Salazar are champs, and the members, the investigators and other missionaries have taught me so much and are teaching me so much.
I am having a blast here!!! I am loving life :)
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Take good care of the investigators that come to church and give lots of references to the missionaries :)
Hermana Fernelius

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