Friday, March 7, 2014

Week 8!! :) "VIVA MEXICO"

From Monday, March 3, 2014

Hola family and friends!! Another great week!!

We had a busy week and the time passed by so quickly but everyday was a day of miracles. Tuesday we were blessed to have our Zone Conference with President and Sister Kusch. I have a strong testimony that they are called by inspiration to preside over this mission. Their counsel and instruction is very inspired and has helped me grow personally and to improve as a missionary. It was a great blessing to attend the Zone Conference and be instructed from on high.

On Friday, there was another special 'capacitacion' for Trainers and trainees. I learned a lot from that training also. My president shared with us a thought provoking message from Elder Bednar: "It's possible to go on a mission and not become a missionary". Pres. Kusch then invited us to really ponder on our purpose in Mexico and on our missions. Why am I really here? What is my purpose as a missionary? Am I just living a mission, or am I becoming a missionary?

I realized in both conferences that it's not just enough to want to do things the right way. I need to ACT on what I believe, and what I know is right. It is so vital to have righteous desires, and likewise it is critical to live, act and work on those desires. We know that faith without works is dead. So that is something that I am trying to improve with the Lord's help. If I act on my faith, I know the Lord will help me become who He wants me to be. It was wonderful to participate in two conferences this week!!

I don't have much time, but I want you all to know that I love you so so much! I've thought about the blessing of having an eternal family, especially this week as we've met with many investigators and less-actives who have incredibly difficult trials right now in their lives. No one family or person is perfect, but I reflected on how great a blessing it is to have a family that really truly loves one another.

I know that the gospel blesses families. The principles that the Savior taught and teaches us through His living prophets can heal even the most broken families. It takes diligence, work, a lot of love, and most of all faith in the Savior and His Atonement, but families and people really can change. I am a witness to that truth because I have experienced it first hand in my life, and have seen it again and again on my mission so far.

The family is so important in God's eyes. It is a celestial unit where we can grow, progress, and improve in this life to prepare for eternity. There is nothing so beautiful in all the world as a family united in love and the light of Jesus Christ. That is something that Satan will never have and so it is his primary purpose to destroy the family and steal from us the great blessings of this life and eternity.

We met with a part-member/less-active family last week and could immediately feel that something was wrong when we entered the home. We talked to the hermana of the household and she opened up to us and told us of heartbreaking experiences she's had with her family and her spouse. She asked us what she could do to strengthen her family. She asked us serious questions that we can't answer for her. That wisdom and direction comes from our Heavenly Father. We invited and pleaded with her to pray to Heavenly Father for that help. We know and testified to her as representatives of Christ, that she will be blessed in her life now and forever as she is faithful to the covenants she's made with the Lord. The Lord will keep his end of the covenant as she faithfully keeps hers.

The Lord is bound when we do what He says, when we do not what He says we have no promise. That is certain. There is real power and protection in making and keeping covenants which is one of many reasons why we invite others to be baptized. Our Heavenly Father readily has infinite blessings for us in His hands, but we have to exercise our faith and act first in order to receive those blessings--it doesn't matter how greatly we desire them, if we don't act those blessings will not be ours. He does not violate the divine law of agency. We act, we obey, and He surely blesses us.

We find a connection with the progression and happiness of our investigators, to their obedience to the commandments--but ALSO the strength of their family relationships. Where a family is deteriorating, so also many times we find an investigator/less-active whose testimony deteriorates. On the other hand, almost all investigators that progress have a strong, supportive family or are applying the Atonement to their family relationships to strengthen them. What power is found in the family! We should protect and guard our families in every way, as the family can lead us to exaltation in the celestial kingdom one day soon.

One final thought:

I had a dream last night that was so vivid and clear that I know was a great blessing from the Lord for me personally. I dreamt that I was still on the mission with my current companion, Hermana "P". When suddenly I heard dad's voice. Dad's voice is so distinctive that I knew without a doubt that it was Dad talking. I didn't understand how because I was on the mission, when all of a sudden dad came in through the back door of the house and came up to me. I said in not so many words 'dad what are doing here! :)' Dad said that he couldn't wait, he just had to see me and Sister P, and after visiting me he was on his way to see Tiffany. He said that he loved Tiffany and me and missed us so he had to come see us.

I was really worried about the rules in my dream because he came to visit us and I can't hug men as a missionary. How weird. haha. I just told him how much I love him. Then mom comes through the door, and I thought for a second then thought, yes! I can hug women! That's allowed! haha. She went up to Hermana P,  smiling, with tears and hugged her and said mi angelita! I understood that mom was saying thank you to her for taking care of me on the mission.

It was so vivid and much more special than I can write in an email. Actually I just reread what I wrote and it sounds super weird but really it was so cool. A few other family members and ward members [like the Dudley's] came through the door the same way and came with mom and dad to visit me and were on the way to visit Tiffany. It was super cool.

Anyway my point is that I love you and I miss you and think about you always!!! :) 

Lots of love!!!!!!!! ;)))) 

Hermana Fernelius

Picture from Zone District. :)

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